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Get To The Point: PechaKucha

Updated: May 13

PechaKucha, pronounced "pe-chah-ku-cha," comes from Japanese and translates to "chit-chat." This unique communication style and presentation format features twenty slides or images, each shown for only 20 seconds. That’s right, just 20 seconds!  20X20 equates to 6 minutes and 40 seconds, which is just under the average attention span of 8 minutes. The approach forces presenters to get straight to the point, focusing on the most critical aspects of their topic with clear, concise language.

Why PechaKucha in Healthcare?

Research indicates only 11% of meetings are productive. If we are serious about reducing costs in healthcare and ensuring our employees find joy in their work, we should certainly consider evaluating our time spent in meetings. Discussions in healthcare can get bogged down in industry jargon, acronyms, lengthy reports, and complex statistical information. PechaKucha offers a breath of fresh air and an approach that can: 

  • Engage Audiences: The fast-paced format keeps listeners on their toes and encourages presenters to focus on the most impactful aspects of their topic.

  • Empower Patients: Presentations can explain complex medical topics in a clear and accessible way, so patients can make informed decisions about their health.

  • Spark Dialogue: The storytelling format encourages presenters to highlight key issues and challenges in a creative method, sparking discussion and potential solutions.

  • Build Bridges: Healthcare professionals and the public can come together to succinctly share perspectives and work toward a more efficient and equitable system.

Creative ways to utilize PechaKucha in healthcare:

  • Educate Board members on critical topics in healthcare

  • Streamline case studies or research findings for medical professionals

  • Engage patients in disease specific educational sessions

  • Highlight a series of improvement projects for payors or regulators

  • Share best practices across departments or health systems

  • Collaborate with community partners to solve Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

  • Streamline your supply chain efforts by visually depicting the current state

Are you ready to PechaKucha your Healthcare Message?

PechaKucha is more than just a presentation format; it's a conversation starter. If you're passionate about improving healthcare, consider this platform to empower patients, spark discussion, improve your meetings, and maybe even inspire action toward a more efficient and accessible system for all.   Try it and let us know your results! Or reach out to us anytime if we can support your journey!


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