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Publicly Reported Hospital Performance Profiling

Forward-thinking hospital leaders are increasingly making concerted efforts to understand the complexities behind ratings and what they truly reflect.  A3’s powerful, all new Public Ratings Hospital Performance Profile (PRHPP) gives hospital executives, clinical leadership and boards of trustees customized, actionable insights into performance improvement.

A3’s in-depth analysis of publicly reported hospital performance metrics provides time-saving, value-added insights for hospital leaders by

  • highlighting contributing factors to variation among ratings info,

  • synthesizing performance scores across multiple ratings organizations,

  • cross walking the data into actionable themes, and

  • pinpointing the highest impact opportunities that will improve scores.

This rich information will equip leaders with the data needed to

  • educate internal stakeholders about what the ratings mean,

  • incorporate ratings-driven insights into both operational and strategic planning activities,

  • align and coach leaders and front line teams on how to implement change, and

  • prepare to communicate externally about negative and/or positive ratings, proactively rather than reactively.

The PRHPP delivers user-friendly explanations of ratings, their genesis in the consumer online marketplace, and their complex variation among each entity.  Content provides appropriate for educating all stakeholders within healthcare’s ecosystem.


The PRHPP features deeper dives into the variations among major ratings entities’ data sources, timing and data date ranges, scoring and weighting methodologies, clinical insights and key considerations for hospitals to leverage.


PRHPP data crosswalk and high-level overviews compare performance across each major rating body.  Insights highlight the “apples and oranges” of report cards that consumers see online when shopping for healthcare providers.


PRHPP synthesized data insights highlight common themes found in the metrics analysis, makes specific recommendations for improving performance in each rating, and summarizes high impact strategies and tactics that support overall hospital performance, strategic planning activities and cultural alignment.

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