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A3 Healthcare Launches All-new Virtual Training Center

Virtual Training Center

On-Demand Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Offered for Healthcare Professionals

A3 Healthcare’s all-new virtual training center offers busy healthcare professionals the interactive tools and training needed to lead change. Specifically, A3’s Lean Six Sigma yellow belt certification program delivers a six-part online learning module series that equips leaders with skills to solve challenges amidst a rapidly changing COVID-19 healthcare environment.

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What is Yellow Belt training?
Rooted in proven Lean and Six sigma methodologies, A3’s customized yellow belt certification program for healthcare
professionals consists of six 30-minute on-demand courses in DMAIC – Introduction to Lean Six Sigma (LSS), Define,
Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.


  1. Introduction to Lean Six Sigma: Overview of the world of Lean performance improvement methodology

  2. Define: Instruction on identifying and scoping challenges in the healthcare environment

  3. Measure: Education on how to quantify challenges for current state performance and goal setting

  4. Analyze: Tutorial on break down data trends and patterns for pinpointing opportunities

  5. Improve: Discovery of solutions - removing barriers, eliminating waste and; improving performance

  6. Control: Coaching on maintaining success and culture for fostering continuous improvement


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What types of healthcare professionals can benefit from yellow belt training?
A3 Healthcare customizes all Lean Six Sigma-based training specifically for healthcare professionals of all disciplines and
departments. Focused on improving all types of processes encountered in healthcare, the certification is ideal for both
clinical and non-clinical employees at all levels within the organization. Clinicians, staff, leadership and board executives
gain acumen necessary for supporting all organizational pillars of success – improving quality, customer service, patient
experience, employee engagement, and efficiency.

What are yellow belt trainee learning objectives?
A3 Healthcare’s yellow belt interactive educational series instructs learners of all healthcare disciplines how to

  • identify breakdowns in healthcare processes and operations

  • evaluate factors that create barriers, waste and bottlenecks

  • determine critical components for success

  • develop statistical knowledge for quantifying and measuring current state and future goals

  • foster adaptive teamwork and collaboration

  • improve processes, procedures, protocols and operational throughput

  • sustain results for long term success

  • build cultures of high reliability  


What is the time commitment for coursework?
A3’s Lean Six Sigma yellow belt courses were customized for busy healthcare professionals. Each module takes about 30
minutes to complete, and learners take a short quiz at the conclusion of each module. Total time investments range
from three to four hours. Passing grades result in certification, and A3 provides official documentation upon confirmation of scores.

How is coursework graded and certification obtained?
A required quiz concludes each online module. Following a passing score on all six module quizzes, A3 will email learners
a Yellow Belt certificate verifying successful completion of the program.

How much does the Yellow Belt certification course cost?
Standard individual tuition rates start at $750. Organizations with multiple learners receive discounted tuition rates.
Contact for more on pricing information.

How does one enroll in A3 Healthcare’s Yellow Belt certification program?
Sign-up is easy. Once you complete our registration form and tuition payment online, we’ll email you confirmation and
access. Learning can begin on-demand, any time, when you are ready! Access expires after XX days. Upon completion
and a successful passing grade on coursework assessments, A3 Healthcare will email you an official Yellow Belt
certificate of completion for your records.

Can individuals and organizations announce certifications to the public through news media press releases?
If individuals and organizations desire announcing staff Yellow Belt certifications in professional/business journals,
alumni publications or local news, A3 Healthcare provides press kits and media support. Contact us at for more information.

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