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What We Do


A3 experts live to inspire and empower healthcare professionals of all disciplines to inspire
transformational change - to fix what’s broken in healthcare - through powerful tools and
processes grounded in Lean Six Sigma methodology. 

Cultivating High Performance Teams​
  • Measure current cultural engagement and transparency through powerful LSS-based tools and surveys

  • Engage leaders to learn tools and LSS methods for sustainable improvement

  • Educate, train and certify leaders to lead change

  • Cultivate change agents for rapid and continuous innovation

  • Evolve cultures for transforming systems and their processes

  • Inspire every level with solutions for achieving long term, high reliability

  • Guest speak for key retreats, meetings or internal/external forums

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Solve Healthcare Challenges​
  • Through Lean Six Sigma methodology, transform siloed-think into systems-think for leading change and igniting performance improvement in

    • Clinical quality and safety

    • Operations

    • Finance

    • Patient experience and service

    • Employee retention

    • Physician engagement

    • Executive/board competency

  • Through scientific rigor, assess and address performance and process issues, bottlenecks, inefficiencies and waste

  • Improve core measures and ratings that impact patient experience, service, quality and safety ratings

  • Assess readiness and prepare organizations for accreditation, certification, surveys and assessments

  • Provide practical approaches to everyday organizational responsibilities and activities, regardless of role or level within the organization

Drive Winning Strategy​
  • Facilitate organizational planning and strategy initiatives

  • Structure and develop high-performance clinical, operational and strategic plans

  • Through crosswalked data profiling tools, position organizations for improving competitiveness, publicly reported performance rankings, ensuing payment reform and growing cost pressures

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