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A3 Healthcare is one with healthcare professionals across America. Having worked in healthcare since 1998, A3 founder and LSS master black belt expert Erin Zeringue inspires scaleable, sustainable change management and process improvement for hospitals and healthcare professionals of all sizes, across all silos, one leader at a time, one culture at a time. Whether training teams for widespread cultural transformation, engaging stakeholders from board room to bedside, or fixing specific, yet complex system challenges, A3 understands how to ignite rapid change for achieving the highest level of reliability. 


  • Hospitals

  • Payors

  • Hospital Associations

  • Specialty Centers

  • Medical Clinics and Physician Practices

  • C-suite 

  • Physicians 

  • Clinicians 

  • Frontline 

  • Administrators 

  • Corporate services professionals 

  • Boards

  • Foundations 

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