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We are one with healthcare professionals across America. Having worked in hospitals since 1998, A3 founder and LSS master black belt expert Erin Zeringue inspires scaleable, sustainable change management and process improvement for hospitals and healthcare professionals of all sizes, across all silos, one leader at a time, one culture at a time. Whether training teams for widespread cultural transformation, engaging stakeholders from board room to bedside, or fixing specific, yet complex system challenges, A3 understands how to ignite rapid change for achieving the highest level of reliability. 

Our Story

Overwhelmed by the Institute of Medicine’s report “To Err is Human,” A3 Healthcare’ s founder and CEO Erin Zeringue, found herself in a graduate school classroom, wracking her brain for real solutions to healthcare’s widespread, systemic brokenness.  At the time, she was pursuing her masters degree in healthcare administration at University of Alabama at Birmingham and had just completed a masters in biochemistry. The IOM report’s shocking transparency ignited her passion to become a healthcare change agent. That moment led her to learn best practices from the aviation and manufacturing industries via GE’s Lean Six Sigma certification program, and later apply them to real time work in the southern-most trenches of our nation’s health systems. Following a successful career leading quality within a large health system, Zeringue and A3 Healthcare are now empowering healthcare teams nationwide to solve some of the most complex clinical and operational challenges – facing healthcare professionals today. 

Our Founder​

A3 Healthcare Solutions, founded by President and CEO Erin Zeringue, FACHE, CPHQ drives measurable, organizational change for improvement across all healthcare settings, both clinical and professional. The firm’s expertise, rooted in the dynamic methods of LEAN Six Sigma has resulted in hundreds of success stories for health systems, hospitals, clinical practices and healthcare leaders since 2001. Through the use of LEAN Six Sigma in healthcare settings, A3 Healthcare Solutions has helped partners drive change resulting in powerful growth.

About A3’s President and CEO

Zeringue, a nationally recognized, certified Master Black Belt who works with providers, health plans, boards, management, physicians, frontline staff and hospital associations, specializes in training, coaching, and supporting teams to rapidly manage change and sustain continuous performance improvement across systems of work, across healthcare pillars such as quality, safety, patient satisfaction, staff/physician engagement, and finance.

Applying A3’s solid approach, Zeringue motivates and empowers partner organizations and its leaders to successfully navigate the journey toward higher reliability and true cultural transformation.


  • ​Master Black Belt, certified by General Electric

  • Fellow, American College of Healthcare Executives

  • Leadership Fellow, National Patient Safety Health Forum

  • Certified Professional, National Association for Healthcare Quality

  • Masters Health Services Administration, University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Masters Business Administration, University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Certificate in Gerontology, University of Alabama at Birmingham


Memberships and Affiliations​​​

  • American College of Healthcare Executives

  • National Association for Healthcare Quality

Why We Exist

We exist to inspire transformational change in healthcare across America, with the goal of achieving perfect delivery. One patient, one leader, one culture at a time.

How do we achieve our mission?

By inspiring leaders with tools and solutions that rapidly solve healthcare’s challenges.

Our Vision 
To achieve perfection in American healthcare delivery.


How do we achieve our vision?

One leader, one culture at a time.

We exist to cultivate healthcare teams, bottom-up,
top-down, who strive for 


Higher reliability.

Joy in work.

Zero harm. 
Zero errors. 
Zero defects. 
Zero waste.
100% transparency.


Continuous improvement.





Perfection in healthcare.

Regardless of your clinical setting, A3 Healthcare Solutions provides answers to common challenges we all face in moving from volume to value in care delivery.  The road to delivering perfect care with highly reliable processes can be paved by working with our experts.

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