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Are Docs Burning Out?

Two Must-do’s for Hospitals

Every strategy in healthcare depends on physician buy-in. But unequivocally, physicians in America are burning out… by as much as 75% in certain specialties.

There are two action steps that can reverse these alarming trends, and frankly, they can rapidly address engagement concerns throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem, across all silos and among all staff.

Assess your organization’s Physician Engagement Factor (PEF).Ignite a cultural revolution through Lean Six Sigma education and tools.

Physician Engagement Factor (PEF)

Physician engagement and alignment are critical to becoming a highly reliable healthcare organization. A3 Healthcare’s self-scoring PEF provides an important indication of a medical staff’s involvement in a hospital’s culture of safety and quality. Lean Six Sigma provides surefire education, tools and training that equip physicians (and any member of a healthcare organization) the evergreen skills that create real, lasting changes based in safety, quality and efficiency.

For more information about Lean Six Sigma solutions, click here.

Hear from re-engaged physicians and the power of Lean Six Sigma, click here.

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