Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality

Healthcare continues its shift in focus from “volume to value.” With greater transparency and publicly reported data available in the consumer marketplace, leaders are in search of healthcare solutions.  A3 provides the tools, training and programs for rapid cycle change to improve:

  • Processesprocess improvement, cost and performance sketch
  • Outcomes
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Efficiencies
  • Cost

Understanding the high impact drivers for improving patient safety, satisfaction and quality, A3 Healthcare Solutions’ LEAN Six Sigma platform provides the tools and results for continuous process improvement in today’s value-driven market.

Publicly Reported Data Profiling

A3 Healthcare Solutions provides a thorough analysis of its partner organization’s patient safety and quality improvement scores reported online such as CMS Hospital Compare, Healthgrades®, the LeapFrog Group, Why Not the Best, U.S. News and World Report, Consumer Reports, and others. With experience leading a regional health system’s quality improvement initiatives that earned the area’s only “A” rating by The LeapFrog Group for 4 consecutive years, A3 gives leaders a strategic roadmap for making across-the-board improvements. Learn more.

Metrics Improvement

A3 provides highly targeted improvement programs that achieve results in clinical quality process measures, patient safety indicators and health outcomes:

  • Reducing medication errors
  • Enhancing pain assessment
  • Eliminating healthcare acquired infections
  • Preventing pressure ulcers
  • Reducing readmissions
  • Decreasing mortality rates
  • Preventing harm from patient falls

See A3’s powerful project experience.

Malcolm Baldridge Readiness and Preparation

How to prepare for Malcolm Baldridge award

A3 Healthcare Solutions provides readiness assessments and preparatory planning for achieving the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.