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A3 Healthcare Launches All-new Virtual Training Center

Customized Training for Hospital Association Member Hospitals – Made Easy!

A3 Healthcare trains hospital associations and its healthcare professional members to fix what’s broken in healthcare. Delivering powerful, high impact resources and education to leaders of all levels across the United States, our master black belt and quality experts teach and certify participants in the proven principles and methodologies of lean and six sigma. Learning environments engage individuals and groups through coursework both virtually, on-demand, and in person, for igniting rapid change.

2024 Hospital Association-Centered Training & Resources At-a-Glance:

1. Public Reporting Profiling
2. Lean Six Sigma Belt Training & Certification
3. Targeted Collaborative Training
4. Targeted 1-day Courses
Training & Resources Description:
Public Reporting Profiling

Help member hospitals achieve A’s and 5-star ratings with A3’s all new Public Ratings Hospital Performance Profile. Evidence suggests that hospitals with better quality process scores have lower mortality rates and better patient outcomes. In turn, higher scores are linked to healthier reimbursement, lower financial penalties, and an overall lower cost of care.

Act now! To see your state’s ranking in safety grades, click here. To request your entire state’s grades by hospital, send us a note here.

For support with performance score improvement, A3 offers special discounted pricing for robust profiles that hospital associations may offer to member hospitals or larger collaboratives via a group-enroll link. Learn more about the reports we produce here. Act now before the 2024 Spring publicly reported courtesy data review period closes March 15, 2024. Get started here.

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