A3 Healthcare Solutions provides LEAN Six Sigma-based tools, coaching, strategic planning and support to help organizations plan for the future, align team members, hard wire accountability and reach or exceed goals, especially as the healthcare industry continues to move from a volume to value-based healthcare model.

Partner engagements can entail a spectrum of value-added services aimed at improving quality, patient safety finances, staff engagement, objectives and more.

value-based healthcareThe keys to becoming a high performing, effective healthcare organization include:

  • Clear strategies, effectively cascaded and understood
  • Solid operational leadership, aligned and accountable to goals

Publicly Reported Hospital Performance Profiling

  • Customized, in-depth analysis of hospital performance across more than 150 publicly reported metrics
  • Key, actionable insights and recommendations in alignment with quality, safety, people, finance and growth pillar goals
  • Overarching strategies and tactics to incorporate into strategic and operational planning at both board and management levels
  • Educational background materials and presentation slides for stakeholders at all levels of the organization
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Strategic Planning and Accountability Tracking

  • Strategic plan assessment and refinement
  • Key performance metric/indicator development
  • Dashboard implementation for monitoring/tracking

Operational Assessment and Refinement

  • Operational assessment and redesign for process/performance improvement
  • Rapid redesign of internal processes and environments to optimize financial and time
    savings using Lean Six Sigma 5S method
  • Course correction for rapid change management support
  • Policy and procedural standardization
  • Physician engagement and alignment tools and programs designed to support an
    organization’s journey toward higher reliability. For A3 Healthcare’s free, self-scoring
    Physician Engagement Factor tool, download now!

Training, Coaching and Certification

  • Performance improvement training and coaching
  • Certification in Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • New service line or start up implementation

Facilitation and Engagement

  • Facilitation of board, executive, physician and staff level deliberation regarding mission-vision-values, “pillar” operational framework, the need for greater transparency, change and/or performance improvement resources
  • Execution of stakeholder engagement and “voice of customer” focus groups and work sessions
  • Keynote speaking for motivating cultural change, performance improvement, leader development, physician continuing education and operational planning

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